"Up until we worked with Pat Murtagh Construction, we had been at best indifferent with respect to contractors we had hired, both in the area and in New York City.  More typically we had been less than satisfied .  Pat is on an entirely different level.  The quality of his work is head and shoulders above the others . The quality of his work is not the reason for our enthusiasm. That is based mostly on Pat's character as manifested in his reliability, his ability to deliver on his promises and to deliver them on time, his flexibility and his vigilance in seeing better (and often less expensive) ways to achieve what we desired and his talent for understanding what we "really" wanted (looking beyond our words) and then offering useful and creative suggestions.  Unique among any other building contractors with whom we have worked, with Pat we felt like we were working with a friend who really had our best interests at heart and who neither felt or perceived any inconsistency between his interests and ours.  He is someone to be trusted."

Richard and Rachel R.
Livingston Manor, NY

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