Dear Patrick,

Helen and I have been in the new house you built for us recently and we wanted you to know that we really find great happiness in living in it.  The architect’s plan which you followed with such precision, including our various changes, has withstood the test of time and our home shows all the care and quality of workmanship that you put in it.  The real hardwood floors, the master bedroom, large living room, spacious bathrooms, a beautiful dining room, library and spectacular kitchen are some of the things we get great joy from living with.  We also want to thank you for the care and time you spent with our large porch overlooking the Beaverkill and the care that was spent on the exterior finish of the home.  All of your wonderful work together with the quality electrician and plumbing contractors that you provided to do the work adds up to one beautiful and practical home which is definitely our dream house.

We would be happy to recommend your capabilities in the building trade to anyone who wishes to contact us.

Very best regards,

John and Helen M.

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